Economic and Social Integration of Youth Program (YEP)

“The Project Helped Improving Young People’s Abilities To Network, Their Employment Possibilities And Possibilities To Sustain Group Activities In Support With Commonwealth Youth Council.”

Young people’s participation on the development and employment prospects are essential elements in poverty reduction. Considering this, the long-term development objective of the project is to contribute to national and regional efforts for the improvement of youth economy and the promotion of youth entrepreneurship, determining young people as key actors in local development. The project aims to strengthen the capacities and the economic development of young Pakistanis in Lahore and Multan regions. 100 youth organized in 4 youth groups has been benefit from the project through participating in life skills and market oriented entrepreneurship trainings, and through expanding their networks and abilities to obtain funding for the development of their small enterprises. The project supported to improve young people’s abilities to network, their employment possibilities and possibilities to sustain group activities.

Pakistan currently has the largest group of adolescents in its history with nearly 30 million individuals almost a quarter of its population between the ages of 10-19 years. 15-29 years of youth are 56% of the population. The current situation of the city is not much supportive to the marginalized youth particularly young women who are full of talent. Through the proposed project it is expected to bring the selected marginalized youth into the limelight through their business plans and initiatives as established businesses. Therefore, it is crucial to inculcate positive values, provide them with correct knowledge and support them in developing essential skills that will enable them to make better decisions about their career and lives.

The project has been implemented through the following strategies:

  1. Enhancing youth groups’ knowledge and capacity on entrepreneurship, occupational and leadership skills and life skills.
  2. Improving youth groups’ self-sustainability and social participation, creating a mode of operation and networking between youth groups.

The current strategy is being built with the contribution of the lessons learned during the implementation of previous trainings. It considers the following as the key components of the training process in the project areas:

  1. Labor training
  2. Life skills training
  3. Employability skills training
  4. Leadership and organizational skills training
  5. Entrepreneurial skills development training
  6. Support for social and economic entrepreneurship

Labor mediation (considered as the support to youth to know and take advantage of job opportunities and internships provided by public or private job agencies and/or companies)