This concept of National Volunteer Summit 2015 explores the opportunity to leverage the experiences of an ongoing youth volunteering practices in the regions of PAKISTAN to engage in cross-regional partnership with Governmnet,CSO’s,academia and youth groups, to address issues of youth empowerment, exclusion and employment through youth volunteerism. Youth and Volunteering is considered to be a back bone for the development of a country and whenever there are disasters faced by Pakistan Youth stood up against it to share the reasons why youth is not showing up the enthusiastically in organizational driven drives. to share the interesting experiences on Youth and Volunteering: through Policy Lens a dialogue will be executed between the audience and the representatives of British Council,Plan International, VSO, Youth Affairs Department, US CONSULATE.

A noteworthy contribution of the summit is the dialogue it will help foster among governments, civil society organizations, and youth themselves, while strengthening their capacities. It will help establish active National Advisory Committees (NACs), consisting of youth specialists from civil society, private sector, media, academia and government. These networks ensure that the summit has broad ownership and that it responds to locally-identified needs. The expected Key results are seen in the following areas:

1. Increased recognition of the contribution of volunteerism to development:

The summit will work on the change the perception of volunteerism in Pakistan as ad hoc or charity-related interventions, through an advocacy campaign that emphasizes volunteerism as a tool for sustainable development and youth inclusion. It aims to aware the masses about the benefits of volunteerism, thereby motivating youth to volunteer and to see themselves as positive agents for change.

2. Strengthened institutional frameworks for volunteerism:

The summit will work closely with the participating governments to strengthen institutional, legal and policy frameworks in order to help formalize volunteering as an integrated development tool.

3. Enhanced capacity of youth organisations and CSOs :

To promote youth volunteerism: Responding to needs identified in the consultations during the youth policies, the summit will focus on strengthening CSO volunteer management capacities to enable them to provide meaningful and satisfactory volunteer experiences for the volunteers and their organizations. ‘Training of trainers’ initiatives has enabled a multiplier effect in reaching a greater number of beneficiaries throughout the region. This has been so successful that it is now being replicated by organizations.

4. Youth volunteering programmes:

In order to combat social exclusion among youth, the organization works to strengthen initiatives that lead to volunteer engagement. For instance, through a volunteer exchange initiative in Pakistan, the will be collaborating closely with one of the country’s largest CSO networks and Pakistani universities to provide students with volunteering opportunities. The creation of a sustainable structure for mobilization of volunteers and awareness-raising around volunteerism is helping enhance youth employability and placement in the job market.