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Laureate Foundation was born as an idea to provide a platform to harness and nurture young people through informed, innovative and value driven approaches for personal, community and national development.

With a vision of jointly building a world of committed youth Laureate is a fitting forum that seeks to empower communities especially youth (young men & women) to become the catalyst for transforming their social & economic sphere into a participatory, pro-people system that is led by accountable, transparent, dedicated and honest leadership at every walk of life.

The world needs active global citizens who are engaged in the world, knowledgeable about its diversity and passionate about change. Ending extreme poverty requires information and ideas that inspire and motivate the global community to act.

What We Do

Civic Engagement & Citizenship Education

Youth Participation and Leadership

Life-Skills Based Education

Promoting peace through Inclusion & Diversity






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Impact Stories

This is an experience of a life-time and the children in community school will steal your heart. You are led by inspiring individuals but you should also be prepared to work hard. You will receive immense satisfaction from your service and you will also learn so much from your experience.
Bushra Ali
It's great to be able to dive right into communities of diverse culture and be able to advocate the people about their civic rights. My experience as a civic champion has opened up thousands of new horizons to stand and speak up for civil rights in the country.
Rabeea Tahir
Do it!!! This is one of the best experiences I've ever had and I want to go back. Being able to volunteer in such a hands on
and meaningful way was incredible. I loved creating youth sessions and seeing them pay off in the practical life. I also think the leaders were unbelievably supportive, helpful and giving which added a lot of meaning to the experience.
Shahid Ali
Learning about a new culture and concept of citizenship and being a part of it rather than just observing it from the outside was a highlight for me. It is a very eye-opening experience and it is definitely worth it.

Jazib Gulraiz
Since my childhood, I have been associated with volunteering ventures and contributing to the social good. And I always assumed it to be the best way to do until I participated in the voices of civic champions course that opened a thought process of realizing the connection between leadership ability and civic engagement. The five days course brought to me numerous ideas and innovation in planning even one single act of better involvement to the civic participation.
Abiha Qureshi
My journey from a participant to another leadership program to become a civic champion has been an unforgettable process of exploration. The concepts of cultural diversity, storytelling and facing resilience were a new world door for me. The lifelong connections of civic champions that we have been able to create helped me and my fellows to bring a change with small steps of self realization and understanding of the world around us.
Hiba Dar